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At DGA, we understand that your bike is more than just a way to get you from A to B. It’s a feeling, it’s a freedom, it’s a lifestyle choice. That’s why we offer specialist motorbike insurance to cover your prized possession in all circumstances.


We know bikes. Which is why we know that each policy is going to be different depending on your specific needs and drives. We help arrange insurance for every kind of motorcycle, including custom built and import bikes.

We can assist with covering your:

·      Harley Davidson

·      Sports bike

·      Scooter

·      Touring bike

·      Road bike

·      Trike

·      Cruiser

·      Off road motorcycle

·      Dirt bike

·      Moped

·      And more…



Because your motorbike is not the same as just a car, we source policies from insurance companies who know what they’re doing. We’ve scoped out the terms and conditions so that you don’t get lost in a sea of paperwork and questions of validity. We know which companies and policies have strict conditions vs. those who can make all of our lives easier.


DGA is motorbike insurance made easy.


With DGA insurance brokers, you can be assured of a smooth claims process, full coverage with none of the sticky clauses, and we deal with the insurance company directly so that you never have to. By using DGA as your insurance brokers you will take away the stress and tedium out of insurance and only deal with your friendly, helpful, always available broker. Because insurance call centres shouldn’t be your problem to deal with.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?


As with any insurance policy, you can choose your level of cover, from third party liability through to comprehensive cover plus extras. Here’s a sample of what you can choose from with your bike insurance.


  • Third party liability for damages and injury caused by your bike

Up to $20,000,000 in damages and injuries is covered by the policies that we source. So whatever damage you manage to do you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re fully covered.


  • Bike theft including new for old for newer bikes and agreed value, along with any mods you’ve made

A motorbike is far more easy to steal than a car, which is why theft insurance is so important to riders. Think about it: anyone can pick up your bike and put it in the back of a van or trailer with just a little bit of muscle. Any parts stripped from your bike on the street or at home can be covered too.


  • Theft of riding gear including helmet, gloves, riding boots, leathers, bags

It’s a real pain when you find yourself without your riding gear; replacements can be very expensive. Cover yourself for riding gear theft to make sure you never go without.


  • Theft of valuable items with your bike including items such as digital camera, laptop, phone, sunglasses

Like your car’s insurance policy, you can cover theft of valuables from your motorcycle.


  • Accidental damages to your motorbike and any mods you’ve made

If you accidentally crash or scrape up your bike and it needs repairs you are covered under your policy. If it’s a write off, you’ll get new for old replacement or agreed sum insured paid out.


  • Accidental damages to your riding gear

As with accidents causing damage to your bike, you can also choose from damages caused to your riding gear.


  • Accidental damages to your valuables

Find yourself with a smashed phone after an accident while riding? You’ll be covered for replacement or repairs to your valuables with this item.


  • Malicious damage by other parties

Some people are just completely disrespectful to others’ property. If you have damages caused by someone kicking, scraping, or otherwise deliberately taking out their aggressions on your bike then this item will cover you for repairs or replacement.


  • Towing costs

If your bike is unrideable following an accident, your insurance will cover the costs of your towing.


  • Emergency repair costs

If you are on the road and need emergency repairs to your bike you can be assured that you are covered with this insurance item.


  • Hire car and emergency accommodation costs

Similar to car insurance, if your bike is unrideable and needs repairs or replacement while you are travelling away from home, your insurance policy can cover the cost of renting a hire car and your emergency accommodation.


  • Fire, flood, storm and cyclone damages

Damages caused by the power of nature can be included as part of your policy. This is highly recommended in parts of Australia susceptible to these occurrences.


  • Locks and keys

Losing your keys, having them snap off in your lock, or sustaining damage to your key or lock is a fact of life. Include lock and key replacement and repairs to avoid these annoying incidents that can pop up when you least expect it.


  • Trailer coverage

Choose to cover your trailer that you use to transport your bike. This may include accidental damage, theft, etc.


  • Coverage for other drivers

If you’re likely to have other riders, including uninsured riders, jumping on your motorcycle then you should add coverage for them.


  • Discounts for multiple bikes

If you’re a bit of a collector, you’ll be happy to know that the more bikes that you insure, the bigger discount you will get on each subsequent bike.


  • You choose the excess

Choose your excess level. Whether it’s a couple of hundred dollars or a zero excess, it’s up to you.


  • Significant no claim bonuses

Each year that your policy is renewed without a claim made your no claim bonus increases.


We can also help broker bicycle insurance, if you have a specialty bike such as a mountain bike, road bike, or BMX that you would like covered. Visit our bicycle insurance page for more information.


Make sure that your bike, your belongings, and especially you are fully protected. Don’t find yourself arguing with a faceless insurance call centre employee. Call us on 03 8636 9000 to start the conversation about getting your motorcycle insurance properly arranged. Our friendly team are always here to help!