Houseboat Insurance

Celebrating 25 years experience insuring houseboats on the Australian waterways.


Your houseboat or barge, along with its contents and the inventory of accessories represent a large investment. Your lifestyle will be based around your boat and the waterway that you have chosen. It’s not just a boat – it may very well represent your way of life.


At DGA we understand the importance of this lifestyle option and ensure that your boat, runabout, jetskis, and complete inventory of fittings and accessories are covered by our unique, tailored houseboat protection plan. req-quote

It’s not quite boat insurance, and it’s not quite home and contents insurance. If you have a houseboat you will need a comprehensive policy that is specifically tailored to your situation.



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Our original policy was designed more than a decade ago to cater for the houseboat industry at Lake Eildon in Victoria. As the pioneers of this extensive insurance protection for houseboats we have done it again with an even more comprehensive policy coverage – whether you’re out at the lake or at any one of our other amazing waterways in Australia.

The special features of this policy include:

  • Third Party Liability Limit – $10,000,000

You are automatically covered for up to $10 million for any injury or damages to other people or property caused by your boat.

  • We can also insure your runabout or jet ski on the same policy with automatic liability cover for water skiers or runabouts

Included coverage for your incidental water craft means that you don’t have to have multiple different policies at once.

  • All contents and equipment covered

From expensive on board fishing gear, to the new stove that you installed in the galley, along with the laptop you brought from home, it’s all included in your package.

  • Tender dinghies included at no extra charge

Your little boat that you use with your houseboat is included in the cover.

  • Continued No Claim Bonus discounts up to 25%

Get larger discounts on the cost of your insurance if you don’t make any claims against your policy.

Australian Houseboat Insurance Security:

The Australian Houseboat insurance product is underwritten by Club Marine (ACN 007 588 347) and is arranged by DGA Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd (ACN 098 633 786).

Choosing DGA as your insurance brokers takes the effort out of insuring your houseboat. We’ve found the best package for your unique situation that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. With our lengthy experience in this niche, you can be assured that you’re dealing with people who really understand your needs.

We offer an unmatched claims service by underwriters who have insured houseboat owners and renters for over 20 years and have paid claims in excess of $1,000,000. If it’s stress-free insurance with a breezy claims process that you’re after, then call today on (03) 8636 9000 to start the conversation with DGA.


Do I need houseboat cover in Australia?

If you own or rent a houseboat, then yes, you do need house boat insurance! The bare minimum required is third party liability coverage, which insures you against any injury to other people or damage to property that is cause by your boat. Our policy covers you for up to $10 million in these circumstances.

Beyond this liability coverage, you need to think about what would happen should something happen to your boat. Could you afford the cost of repairs if you accidentally caused damage to the hull of your boat? What if it sunk? Could you easily replace everything on board? Insurance protects you from the unexpected, and ensures the investment you’ve made is kept safe. It can also protect you in the event of someone else causing damage who isn’t insured adequately themselves.

what will your insurance cover me against?

Want to know if you’re going to be covered in the event of damage inflicted during a fierce storm? Depending on the level of cover you get, what incidents are covered will vary. With a comprehensive insurance policy you will be covered in the event of theft, fire, or storms, as well as if you sink, collide with anything, or capsize.

We can talk through what will be covered so you can put your mind at ease and know you’ll be covered should the unthinkable happen!

How about if don’t live on board?

Your policy may change depending on whether you live on board, or just holiday on your boat. Each difference circumstance means that you may utilise your boat in a different way. Make sure to let us know if your boat is your primary residence.

You may like to add coverage to your policy that includes the costs of emergency accommodation should something happen to you boat which leaves you unable to live on board.

any optional extras that are available with your policy?

As with all insurance policies, what you get is customisable. If you wish you can also be covered for specific cases like towing, both on the water, and on roadways, if your boat needs repairs. You might like to get coverage for any fuel spills which can cover the cost of fines and the clean up required. Ask us about what other optional extras are available for more information.

What will the insurers need to know?

Apart from the value of your houseboats, contents, and accessories, there will also be some other questions we will ask to determine how your policy is going to shape up. These will include asking where your boat is moored, if you travel about on your boat or simply stay in the one spot, whether other people take out your boat sometimes, how often the boat is used, and the condition and age of the boat.