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Insurance. It’s a bit of a daunting service, really. A misread policy can leave you exposed, and neglecting to take up the correct product could be financially devastating.

With so many different products and providers out there, navigating through a veritable minefield of options to choose from takes an extraordinary amount of time as just an individual with limited knowledge of the insurance landscape.

Keeping up to date with payments and changes to terms of service can be easy to miss when you go it alone, and making claims can become a nightmare, dragging out and becoming convoluted.

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We pride ourselves on building and maintaining relationships with all of our clients, so that we can give you the best personalised service in managing all your corporate, commercial, and personal insurance matters.


With over 40 years experience, our dedicated team at DGA Insurance Brokers Melbourne are committed to tailoring the perfect insurance package for your business or personal circumstances.

Business Insurance Products

Business Insurance


Seeking out corporate insurance broking for your business, either in the public or private sector?


Working hard to ensure your business is fully covered from any unforeseen risks, here at DGA we take a personal approach, working directly with your team to elicit all business insurance requirements. We ensure that you are fully covered, so that you can get back to worrying about the important things in your business operations!


Our one-on-one service ensures that all insurance products are tailored directly to your situation. We understand insurance so that you don’t have to sweat the small print.

Professional Indemnity


Your business relies on your good reputation and financial stability! Professional indemnity insurance helps to keep these both afloat, and is recommended for most businesses, while for others it is essential.


Should a customer make a claim against your business – that either your advice or services resulted in an adverse result to either their financial or physical wellbeing, or damage to their property – then you will need to be covered by professional indemnity insurance to ensure your business is protected.


We can help determine what levels of insurance you need and uncover the best providers for your situation.

Public Liability


While you will always take steps to ensure that customers and members of the public remain safe during your business activities, it is also important to cover yourself for any claims should the unthinkable happen.


Without the right public liability insurance coverage, you leave your business open to claims that have the potential to send your business broke. Don’t leave yourself up the creek without a paddle.


Our public liability insurance brokerage services will find you the ideal policy to cover claims of both.

Giving small to medium sized businesses peace of mind since 1976

Personal Insurance Products

Home & Contents


Protecting your most valuable physical assets – your home and contents – is a smart move. Should disaster strike your home, requiring rebuilding, you will need the funds to cover repairs. Likewise, should your belongings be damaged, destroyed, or stolen, replacing them may be difficult without insurance.

We sort through your personal situation and determine the best level of cover and provider for your circumstances.

4WD Insurance


Specialist 4WD insurance is important if you take your vehicle off road, in remote areas, or use it as a work vehicle. Depending on what you use your 4×4 for will dictate what sort of insurance package you need for your vehicle, including – but not limited to – third party, theft, collisions, and tool insurance.

Let’s talk through your options and find you the best coverage for your vehicle.

Houseboat Insurance


Whether your houseboat is your main residence or not, it is a significant investment and lifestyle choice. Your houseboat or cruiser and any accessories, fittings or contents onboard need a particular set of products when it comes to insurance.

As pioneers of the houseboat insurance industry in Australia, trust us to navigate your tailored houseboat insurance package.

Pleasure Crafts


Have your own boat on the water? Ensure that you’re fully covered for any third party damages to person or property arising from your marine vehicle, along with damages to your own boat and any equipment or property onboard.

We help with brokering your complete insurance package for your yacht, powerboat, runabout, cabin cruiser, jet ski, game fishing boat, sail craft, or houseboat.

Whatever your plans or lifestyle, DGA is with you.

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